About Us

Certified - A Product of LouisianaWe are Louisiana, through and through!

Feliciana’s Best Creamery takes exceptional pride in being one of the only remaining dairy farms in Louisiana that milks, pasteurizes and bottles all of their own milk. All right on the farm – every day of the year.


History of Our Farm

Vernon  & Granddaughter Maggie

Vernon & Granddaughter Maggie

The Brian family have been dairy farmers since 1964. In those days Mike’s dad Vernon ran the dairy along with his wife Jeanette and their six children. To this day it is still a family farm. Mike, the eldest of the six siblings, owns and operates the dairy with his wife Patti and their children Brady and Maggie. Of course Vernon and Jeanette still help out on the farm and Mike would not have it any other way.

The Man Behind The Milk

Mike Brian, Louisiana Dairy Farmer

Mike Brian, Louisiana Dairy Farmer

Mike graduated LSU in 1984 with a Bachelors Degree in Dairy Science. Mike has been working at the dairy full time since he returned in 1990. For much of that time the dairy was part of a co-op where they would milk the cows and ship the milk off the farm and to a processing plant for pasteurization and bottling. But in recent years Mike and his family decided to return to their roots, down-size their herd and focus on what they know best. So in 2010 they started Feliciana’s Best Creamery. Producing what they feel is the highest quality, small batch, old fashion cream-line milk products in Louisiana.

Mr. Vernon and his dedicated wife Ms. Jeanette Maggie Brian Yes, we love our gals! Maggie at a local competion Maggie and her Grandfather, Mr. Vernon Brian's with extended family Just us cow folk The Brian Family Our cows roam freely everyday of the year Our cows roam freely everyday of the year