Frequently Asked Questions

Cows in the pasture

Cows in the pasture

What Do You Feed Your Cows?

Our cows happily spend every day of the year grazing on our 150 acres of grass grown in the Louisiana sunshine. We grow and harvest their hay and corn right alongside them. They also receive a treat of mixed-grains twice a day.


Do you confine your cows? 

No! Our cows graze and roam freely on our 150 acres of Louisiana pasture.


Late summer on the Farm. Hay is harvested for the winter.

Late summer on the Farm. Hay is harvested for the winter.

Is Your Milk Organic?

We are not organic but in some ways we might be better than some commercially available organic milk.

A large part of organics is making foods healthier by doing things the natural way. This is exactly how we operate. No artificial hormones, small batches from select cows, pasteurized at a low temperature to keep the optimal health benefits of the milk in tact, all from pastures filled with rich green grasses grown in our Louisiana sunshine.


How Large is Your Herd?

The cows enjoy a mix of grains twice a day

The cows enjoy a mix of grains twice a day.

Right at 35, no really, just 35 cows, the majority of which were raised by our kids through their activities with 4-H. We truly are a family farm.


What breed(s) of cow do you have on your dairy?

We have four of the 5 most common breeds. They include Guernsey, Jersey, Holstein and Ayrshire.


What are the benefits to Non-Homogenized milk?

Non-homogenized milk is believed to be more wholesome. Some doctors believe that the more common homogenized milk may contribute to some forms of coronary disease.


Do you use antibiotics on your cows?

We never use any antibiotics to enhance production. They are used on occasion when a cow is sick and our veterinarian prescribes its use. If so, we hold the milk until it is cleared through testing.


Do you use growth hormones like rBST or rBGH to increase your milk production?

No, our farm is 100% rBGH/rBST FREE. Our cows are never treated with growth hormones of any kind.


Do you sell raw milk?

No. State law prohibits the sale of raw milk in the State of Louisiana. According to the law, all dairies in Louisiana are required to conform to the standards set forth by the U. S. Public Health Service Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and Code.